Why Choose KJNewswire's Press Release Distribution Services

Most Extensive Coverage

At KJNewswire, we ensure to take the most appropriate care to make sure that your press release distribution is included within the wide cross-section of media sites, such as leading nationwide news websites, well known local news sites, renowned regional news websites, sites of leading TV channels and radio stations, business specific news websites, online news blogs, global news websites and more!


Guaranteed Inclusion on Top News Websites

KJNewswire doesn't just provbide submissions but guarantees that you are seen worldwide with our press release distribution service, which ensures inclusion of more than top news websites including Associated Press, Yahoo Finance, MarketWatch, Premium Broadcasting affiliates,Google news, Digital Journal, and other Fox premium network sites along with regional, local, national, trade and industry, TV and radio, and global news websites.

Social Media Explosion

At KJNewswire, we are fully aware that online audiences nowadays are spreading on popular social media sites. That is why we are taking that extra distance to make sure that your news stories are being shared all across the fifteen most well known social media channels, namely Facebook, Twitter, StumbleUpon, Tumblr, Delicious, Pinterest and a lot more.

We make sure than your press release will be tweeted on more than 150 news related Twitter accounts, having the combined foundation of more than 350,000 Twitter followers and be shared on more than 150 Facebook pages with the combined-like base of more than 50,000 Facebook users.



Spread Your News Effectively

These days, the internet becomes a priceless tool helping every business obtain its own popularity. We do not restrain ourselves to the use of the internet. KJNewswire uses every resource available to assist our customers in reaching each corner of their target markets through certain media such as Radio, Print or even TV. We make our best effort for this in order to make our services unmatched by others.

Matchless SEO Edges

When your press release does not display in Google as well as some other search engines, it can be meaningless. In KJNewsWire, we optimize every press release in order to guarantee that Bing, Google, Yahoo and all other popular search engines rank and index your press release for related keywords. We enable the maximum of 3 live links of every press release that points back to your web page or website. These links complements your pages’ SEO value for more favorable ranking, while live links also draw more targeted audiences towards your site.





Brand Visibility & Revenue Generation

Press releases that have been published on top news blogs, websites and popular social media sites boost the reputation and visibility of your company or brand online. Nowadays, many people are searching for brands on the internet prior to finalizing their purchasing decisions. Online press releases improve the online reputation of your brand through obtaining in demand top ranks that could otherwise be wrongly used by websites trying to distribute unfavorable information about you, your brand and company.

Online visibility and more indexed pages mixed with improved brand reputation and SEO benefits assist you in obtaining more visitors, hence delivering you more sales.

State-of-the-Art Reporting

KJNewswire offers you complete and intuitive report that is always available for you, providing you live URLs/links, Google Analytics and social media views that include the Blogosphere.

Keep up and evaluate the efficiency of your story. You may access comprehensive visibility reports intended for your press releases with traffic stats and published links.



User Friendly Interface & Priority Customer Support

Right from submission to distribution to reporting, KJNewswire’s online tools have been designed with the aim to saving you time, effort and hassle. Our technical and design team strives real hard to offer you very user friendly tools at each step.

At KJNewswire, we are backed by a dependable and convenient online customer support system with time bound resolution of customer questions and queries.

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