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Press Release Distribution Plans

Below you can find THREE different press release distribution packages tailored to cater to the needs of every client. If you need a more specific site-focused placement, please scroll below to find our individual placement packages.


Individual Press Release Placements

Below you can find three different press release plans focusing on individual placements in reputed news sites. This will be suitable for clients who needs placements in specific site-focused distribution strategy.


Major News Sites - Press Release Placements

Below you can find two different press release placements focusing on APNews, Yahoo Finance,News & Money along with 100+ FOX,CBS,ABC,NBC,CBS,CW affiliates. This will be suitable for clients who needs guaranteed placement in prestigious and highly credible news circuits.


Targeted Media Distribution Plans

Get your press releases strategically to specific media outlets, reporters, editors and online and offline publication resources that are relevant to their business niche which can yield significantly better results .


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