Who Should Use Press Release?

  • Corporates who publish news frequently andvompanies who announce balance sheets, financial statements, etc every quarter.
  • Celebrities and any business ventures who wants to establish the brand

Can I Get Any Direct Traffic Through Press Release Promotion?

Yes, of course, you get a significant amount of traffic from paid PR networks and content archives. Also some random traffic from the other syndicated sites and social media.


Do You Suggest Keywords For The Press Release Submission Or Simply Use The Keywords Provided By Us?

We do a prompt analysis and suggest keywords if in case the provided keywords are inappropriate for promotion.

What is the benefit of distributing a press release?

There are many different benefits to sending out or distributing a press release. Here is a brief list of the most obvious benefits to press release distribution:

Press releases drive traffic to your website, give you authority and credibility, create online visibility, attract new customers, reach journalists for story ideas, protect or repair your online reputation, build your brand and create SEO backlinks to your website.


What kind of reach am I supposed to expect with "Basic" plan?

Our Basic distribution program offers you a 150 guaranteed placements with low to mderate Google Indexing frequency which helps you have a beginner level online presence However if you are looking for a higher visibility online, please take a look at our "Tier One", Tier One Plus & "Pro Access" plans

Can we have a custom package base on our requirements?

Abolsutely you can!! Just drop us a e-mail with your requiremnets to and we will get back with a response/quote within 24 hours


What is the difference between "Tier One" & "Tier One Plus" plans?

Primary difference between the two plans is the addition of 300 CBS,Fox,CB,NBC & AP affiliated websites which are syndicated via Associated Press for the "Tier One Plus". We also include 100 additoonal TV & Radio sites along with improved social media blast.

Do you guarantee placement?

Yes. We do guarantee placement in at least 600 top news outlets including Digital Journal, WND and more. You can view the sample report of our distribution plans here.

What if my press release gets rejected?

If your press release does not meet the editorial guidelines,  we will notify you via private message and e-mail along with the required revisions needed for your release. Modified release can again be uploaded by you for approval.

Is There A Guarantee That The News Will Be Included In Google News?

Yes, there is a 99.99% guaranteed inclusion in the first page of Google news for the Tier One and Tier One Plus packages. 


Is There A Guarantee That The Journalists Will Publish The PR?

It depends on the newsworthiness of your press release. Usually balance sheets, financial statements, sales productions, innovative breakthroughs, change of directors/higher management officials, etc., are published in traditional media such as newspapers, broadcasts, magazines and even televisions.


We Are An Agency And In Need Of Multiple PR Distribution Per Month. So What Kind Of Discounts Can We Expect?

Depending on the volume, you may get a discount from 20-60%. If you are a corporate, we can give monthly distributions with 20 - 50 % discount (an upfront payment is needed)