With KJNewswire, it will only take three easy steps to make the most of your press releases

Step 1: Create Your News(Optional)

Our team of professional PR writers will ensure that your press release creation will be as smooth as possible. They are especially handy if you’ve never crafted a press release yet.

We will make your news as visible as it could. Press releases draw extensive discovery of the message you have in your news in social media and search engines. However, this may only become possible once you use correct and applicable SEO techniques. We optimize all press releases to make sure that Yahoo, Bing, Google, and all popular search engines will be indexing and ranking your press releases for related keywords through the use of strategies, which comply with the newest algorithm demands and guidelines.

We ensure to let readers find your press releases easily, as we create track-able and unique URLs, which direct users to related content. In addition, we intend to boost your news content’s impact to great extent through the use of images, graphics, podcasts, and videos. We include the use of multimedia in the process.






Step 2: Get To Your Audience

We will help you guarantee that your news will reach the leading national and international websites, leading local and regional news portals, top TV channels and radio stations websites, news blogs online, trade and industry specific news portals, and some other websites related to your industry.

With our help, you can drive the leading media professionals to compete for your press release. We ensure to make your distribution be picked by top news bloggers and journalists. Along with this, we make your press release display on each news resource possible. As you choose our service, you may rest assured that your press release would be on the way to primary news channels online in no time.

We work with up to date processes that keep in line with regulations. Our PR experts ensure to track the most recent algorithm amendments and swiftly move to have them incorporated within our processes. We will take your distribution to the most active places online, specifically in the major social media sites. KJNewsWire ensures to get you the widest coverage possible.

Step 3: Evaluate the Impact

KJNewswire executes really apparent processes to help you stay on track with your PR. We use high tech console as we do the evaluation. With our PR management console, you may not just submit your press release, but you can also manage it easily.

We offer you easy access of stats and reports. We deliver inclusive visibility reports on all news websites in which the press release is distributed together with traffic stats and published links for your maximum convenience. What’s more, we also deliver comprehensive break-up of every website on which your PR is published. Our detailed report produced contains names of the entire news sites.

Ultimately, we ensure publication of more than 500 leading news sites all across the different media channels.



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