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China Medical System: New Drug Application of Desidustat Tablets Accepted in China

Desidustat Tablets are novel, oral HIF-PHI for treating anaemia in non-dialysis adult chronic kidney disease patients. The Product is administrated orally, thus expecting to improve the treatment compliance of patients and to meet the unmet treatment needs in the field of CKD anaemia, including both dialysis and non-dialysis patients. 

SVOLT Energy: GWM Focuses on New Energy Development

Changzhou, China – On April 21, GWM global partner representatives and media friends visited SVOLT Energy and Production Plant in Changzhou to learn about GWM’s new energy technology development, R&D achievements and production capabilities, and to explore GWM’s outstanding achievements and potential in the new energy field.

FBS Releases a Major Update to Mobile App: Everything Is Now in Users' Smartphone

Belize City, Belize - 11/04/2024 - (SeaPRwire) - FBS, a leading global broker, introduces its revamped mobile trading application – the FBS app. The upgraded solution is available for Android and iOS users, providing them with all the tools and resources for online trading.

GWM Achieves New Sales Record as New Energy and Overseas Sales Surge

Baoding, China – On April 1, GWM released its sales figures. In March 2024, GWM sold 100,276 new vehicles, with a 11.02% year-on-year increase. Among this, 21,882 new energy vehicles were sold, reaching a year-on-year increase of 66.34%, and 35,815 vehicles sold overseas, reaching a 60.66% year-on-year growth, hitting a new sales record. During the first quarter, GWM sold 275,333 new vehicles, a 25.11% year-on-year growth. Overseas sales reached 92,778 units, a year-on-year growth of 78.51%.

2024 Global GWM TANK Owners Celebration Opens a New Chapter of Off-Road Culture

Yunnan, China – On March 30, the 2024 Global GWM TANK Owners Celebration was held in Xishuangbanna, China. More than 2,000 loyal GWM TANK owners from China, the Middle East, Europe, Australia and other countries and regions, more than 50 industry partners and hundreds of media representatives explored the charm of technology and jointly celebrated the off-road culture created with owners from the world.


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