Introducing MCXI Candle Company – Your New Favorite Candle Company

Beaumont, California - MCXI Candles - A California based company that specializes in creating unique candle collections, is pleased to announce its high-quality candles that are perfect for setting the mood for any occasion.  The company is making a significant impression with its wide range of unique candles that are hand-poured, professionally made with soy wax, and 100% safe to be used as a skin moisturizer and massage oil.


As a leading producer in various collections of candles, MCXI Candles is making a great impact by introducing some special collections that are tailored to suit every occasion. One of the special collections from MCXI Candles is its Awakening collection; this category serves a great purpose in setting the mood for meditation, relaxation, and manifestation rituals. The Almost Edible collection comes with the best dessert fragrances that are sure to drive your sweet tooth crazy. The Afterhours collection sets the mood for night romance and seduction.


MCXI Candles has a wide selection of various types of candles available to help with a variety of decorative purposes. If you are planning to add an extra touch of refinement to the comfort and coziness of your home, look no further than MCXI Candles – A Veteran owned business that produces sweet-smelling fragrances of scented candles that comes with divine high-end, hand-designed jars.


MCXI Candles are  delicious in every sense of the word and rich with the aroma of essential fragranced oils. The wide array of fragrances are sure to entice your senses from exotic and tropical to soothing and relaxing.


MCXI Candles in its attempt to give a pleasant shopping experience to customers, will provide free shipping on orders of $75 or more. MCXI Candles also offers a 12 month subscription where VIP members receive an amazing candle each month at a discounted rate, no shipping cost, and discounts on additional candle orders exclusive to members.


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