LKBT: China's First Blockchain Technology Deeply Integrated with the Industry Development of the Megacity Chengdu of 20 Million

On November 20th, Amos Lang, the founder of LKBT, participated in the signing ceremony of Digital Economy Industry Development Cooperation Framework Agreement organized by Tus Data Asset Group and Chengdu Industry Investment Group.

According to the agreement, Tus Data Asset Group, together with Chengdu Industry Investment Group, will give full play to the technological advantages of blockchain, and focus on Chengdu's data asset management, Neo Blockchain Industrial Park, Smart City Chengdu, data operation business, industrial investment fund and other projects, by carrying out all-round and diversified cooperation to realize the deep integration of China's first blockchain technology and the industry development of the megacity of 20 million, and to jointly develop Chengdu into a digital economy development core region under the Belt and Road initiative.


During the talks, LKBT founder Amos Lang said that as an infrastructure for data asset trading platform, LKBT will take advantage of its own blockchain technology, encryption algorithms and big data to accelerate the development of data operation services and cross-border services in the countries or regions of the Belt and Road initiative, and to empower digital economy industry to help Chengdu become an international hub and an open-up inland core region.


About LKBT

LKBT is the world's first blockchain infrastructure designed specifically for data (knowledge, algorithm, computing power) trusted transactions and clearing. The goal is to clearly define the quality standards of data (knowledge, algorithms and computing power), pricing rules , transaction clearing system and system, completely solve the problems of digit (knowledge, algorithm and computing power) in transactions that are difficult to negotiate, difficult to price, difficult to calculate the billing and difficult to clear.


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