Give yourself a dream life this autumn: the world premiere of the game “My Dream’s Way” by Elena Blinovskaya to be held in Dubai

Give yourself a dream life this autumn: the world premiere of the game “My Dream’s Way” by Elena Blinovskaya to be held in Dubai.

The most fast-growing and futuristic city of the world, Dubai is to host the world premiere of the transformational game “My Dream’s Way”. The large-scale event starts on October 29, 2022 in Dubai and lasts 3 days. The game is presented by Elena Blinovskaya, a personal growth coach, TV presenter and the creator of popular marathons.

The participants of the event will receive insights and practices from Elena and other famous speakers. New knowledge will allow attendants to change their lives and increase incomes.

One of the main speakers of the event will be Allan Pease, a writer and a world-class person known as “Mr. Body Language”. His bestseller “Body Language” has sold 20 million copies in 48 languages. Allan is going to give a speech about the art of making the most cherished dreams come true.

The transformational game “My Dream’s Way” helps to turn a pipe dream into an achievable goal, make a road map to it and create your own formula for wish fulfillment. In addition, the game will clarify whether your dreams belong to you or they are imposed. Powerful practices and the atmosphere of the game will help you find your wave and achieve spiritual harmony. The main thing you need to do is to listen to the inner voice and trust the guides.

The game “My Dream’s Way” is based on the project “Marathon of Desires” by Elena Blinovskaya. The participants of the event in Dubai will take important steps towards inner transformations by working with the unconscious mind.

“Our mission is to bring the mind of people to the level where they will always be in harmony with themselves and share this state with the world,” says Yulia Zhuikova, one of the creators of the game,“We help other people find inner resources and a fulcrum. This will increase the level of consciousness and let people spread this light. The game can change the attitudes in your unconscious mind. This helps to fulfill desires. Actually, some of the participants make their dreams come true during the game.”

Initially, this practice was created as a simple tool for mental recovery. Today it is a large-scale project that attracts clients from all over the world.

“The idea was to create a project for our ‘Blinovskaya club’ with more than 100 thousand participants. We wanted to find a way to maintain the spiritual resources of the club members. This is how ‘My Dream’s Way’ appeared. Soon it began capturing the hearts of people and went beyond our community,” the co-founder of the game Marina Rostova says.

“My Dream’s Way” has two formats: a board game and a floor version. It is available in Russian and English. In addition, the authors suggest using metaphorical cards, which is a powerful tool for personal growth with visual and textual reflection.

Each participant can both experience the transformation personally and become a guide for others. Curators of the game consider “My Dream’s Way” to be a complete business project that has raised their income and changed their lives.

The international premiere of the game in Dubai will inspire the participants for changes in life. Speeches and practices are to be held in two languages and to be broadcasted online.

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