Macqwerty Growth Finance, Formation of 'Technology Innovation Fund' to expand Korean service industry

The Macqwerty Fund is a product that can overcome the global economic crisis due to the strong dollar. Through a bottom-up method, the fund discovers and invests in global multinational companies with diverse revenue sources, excellent capital soundness, innovative management and business models. In a highly volatile market, it is more important to reduce volatility by distributing assets to multiple assets rather than investing in one asset to form a portfolio of low-correlated assets.

Macqwerty’s self-developed ‘Digital Overseas Investment In My Hand’ is an API-linked system, and a robo-advisor comprehensively analyzes investment goals, investment period, planned investment amount, investor propensity, etc. to provide an asset allocation portfolio suitable for customers. Macqwerty provides various types of management services such as performance diagnosis, target diagnosis, and asset diagnosis of entrusted accounts. In addition, customers can use all services such as reservation consultation service with a professional counselor, deposit, withdrawal, automatic debit, and cancellation on one screen. There are three algorithms that have passed the 3rd Robo-advisor (RA) test bed operation review hosted by the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC). It consists of an overseas exchange-traded fund (ETF) type, a dollar ETF type, and a global hybrid type product made with these three algorithms. It is attracting attention from the market because it guarantees a stable return compared to the index benchmark. Except for discretionary fees (0.5% to 0.8%), Macqwerty minimizes trading fees for all stocks in our portfolio (including foreign stocks and US ETFs) and put the interests of our customers first.

In Macqwerty’s ‘Digital Overseas Investments in My Hand’, if the US interest rate trend remains the same, the dollar is expected to strengthen. Therefore, Macqwerty recommended the dollar ETF type, which is invested in dollars, and the global hybrid type. Global Asset Allocation Dollar ETF type and Global Hybrid type are invested in US-listed ETFs and stocks in dollars. As market volatility increases, the dollar exchange rate is likely to rise, which is believed to reduce overall asset volatility.

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