Single Pro Access Press Release Distribution


Price : $249 USD


  1. FREE Press release writing or modification(whichever is applicable).
  2. Submission to Yahoo News/Finance, Nasdaq & more..
  3. Distribution via Accesswire & MarketersMedia worth $399
  4. Distribution to direct media contacts
  5. 99.99% Chance of inclusion in Google News.
  6. Social Media Blast.
  7. Embed 1 Image & 1 Video.
  8. Detailed Analytics,Views,Click through and Pickup report.

Turnaround Time

With press release writing/rewrite/modification : Draft copy of the release will be delivered to you within 4 days for approval and it will take 24-36 working hours to complete the distribution . Reports will take 48 hours from the time of publication.

Without press release writing : Press Release will be published within 36-48 working hours from the time of submission and report processing will take a further 48 working hours.