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Filmmaker Phoenix Quwais: Black Actors Have A Chip On Their Shoulder!

As I reflect on years gone by, I can't remember a time when I've ever been subjected to any vivid racism. I can't recollect an occasion when my skin tone has prevented me from attaining something I was desirous of. I've always managed to obtain even at the expense of men of other races. To that effect, I’ve always been able to woo any woman I desired regardless of how Aryan her bloodline may be.


Atlanta, GA.  MASK OFF is the story of Jade Woodley, an aspiring film director/producer that almost got caught up in one of the wickedest industries in the world, the entertainment industry! Jade takes us inside the often-depraved world of entertainment as she examines what makes for a good life; what we are owed and what we must earn, and how events in our lives can turn us into people we never intended to be. The first novel of astonishing talent, MASK OFF announces an exciting and singular new literary voice in Jade Woodley.

"Hades is Out of Town" Wall Art Series is Now Available For Order at Curioos

Hades Workshop owned by Martha Petra a newcomer artist with a knack for humor announces a new wall art being added to its collection every season. This "Hades is Out of Town" wall art series focuses on the travails of Persephone during her reign in the underworld.The wall art series found on the online shop offers fresh light, motivation and cheer to the old soul.

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